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Beyond Shame  - Kit Rocha

I'm bowled over by the quality of the writing. I've read popular, non-erotic fiction that isn't half as good at this. I really like how the world building is woven into the narrative. Very smooth and tantalizing enough to make me want to keep reading.


It just past the Bechdel test and is subverting this genre to the point that I'm already kinda falling in love with this book and no one's even fucked yet. What is this book? *flails*


I'm floored by how much agency Noelle has in every aspect of her life. Also LOVE how loving and supportive other women are with her. Lex and Rachel are interesting and really fleshed out already. Yeah the dudes are hot and all, but holy shit these women are awesome!

PS I have to thank this book for the explicit dream starring Charlie Hunnam that I had last night. Though in my head Jasper looks more like Opie than Jax.